Key Differentiators

Key Differentiators

When deadlines are pressing and resources are tight, you need highly experienced project management professionals that serve as an extension of your staff to help support and manage your project initiatives. Our experienced professionals can help you:

  • Avoid delays caused by recruiting and training new employees.
  • Implement best practice processes and procedures that can be tailored to fit your environment.
  • Efficiently complete complex projects that need to be managed by a highly trained team of professionals.
  • Effectively manage long-term initiatives, at your location.
  • Achieve immediate productivity gains in the short-term and greater efficiency for long-term business impact.

Project Controls Specialists

Tekfortune's has a specialized pool of expert Project Controllers who average 15+ years of experience in project planning, estimating, scheduling, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) development, cost control, issue and risk mitigation , and project reporting. Our professional Project Controllers track project schedules, resource allocations, and costs; and provide earned value and other status reporting. This allows your project managers more time to communicate with executives and focus on scope management and project leadership.

Project Managers

Tekfortune's Project Managers typically have over 20 years of project management experience, overseeing a wide variety of projects across all industries and business functions. Most of these individuals are PMP-certified, and are well-versed in project management and product development methodologies. They have access to all our industry best practice processes, templates, and models and are productive from day one.


Tekfortune's Mentors are highly seasoned professionals with extensive project and program management experience. They are also well-versed in project management methodologies, are PMP-certified, and have the interpersonal and communication skills required to coach and mentor project managers. In many cases, our Mentors are brought on board by a PMO Director or functional Vice President to take on troubled programs and/or to mentor program and project managers to be more effective in their role. Mentors are trained to interact with your management executives and provide recommendations on ways to improve the project management environment.

Methodology Developers

Our Methodologists quickly bring Tekfortune's proven project management methodology to clients desiring to apply industry best practices and "just the right amount" of process structure to their business. We can customize this methodology, or work with you to refine or even simplify your current methodology. Our Methodology Developers are well-versed in change management and organizational design to help you effectively communicat with and train new users, so you can maximize the return on implementing a new process.

IT Project Managers

Over 50% of our project staffing services support Information Technology (IT). Our IT project managers are experienced in managing technical projects, including software development, systems integration, and infrastructure deployment. Many have years of experience working with the Big 5? and other large System Integrators, and are now focused on the science of IT program and project management.

Quality Standards

Quality Standards

Quality standards are paramount in any industry and cannot be ignored. But in IT industry, Quality means the difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE. We give utmost important to having Quality and ensure that our Consultants and Associates are right there among the best when it comes to quality resource.

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